A Look At Neuropathy And Its Causes

Any problem with the nerve is called neuropathy. The problems associated with the term are the ones that affect the peripheral nerves. However, there is good news,there is medications that can help to deal with these problems.

Neuropathy explained

Neuropathy covers many problems that are associated with the gsdgdhfxghperipheral nerves. These problems can be divided depending on the nerve they affect. It can affect the motor nerves that are responsible for movement and power. Once affected, problems in the feet and hands occur. Another area that is usually affected is the sensory nerves that take care of pain and numbness. The last part of nerves associated with peripheral neuropathy is autonomic nerves. They control the body system like the heart rate, sweating or blood pressure. As well, the problem can occur to only one nerve or many nerves.

Causes of neuropathy


Chemotherapy drugs are mostly known to affect peripheral nerves. When subjected to treat the cancer cells, they will have a side effect to the nerves surrounding that area. The person may start to develop some pain or numbness due to the effect.


We all know that diabetes is notorious in affecting the nerves. We have seen people complain that some parts of their bodies have gone numb. When the blood sugar levels shoot too
high, it is important to control it back. Otherwise, many nerves will be damaged.


Cancer growth eats the nerves out. Most cancer patients will have big wounds that never heal. At chronic levels of cancer, a great number of nerves will have been damaged around the area. To add salt to the wound, nerves from other parts of the body can be affected as well. Now it becomes very tough for the body to perform normally.


xvbfgmhAt one point our bodies get infected by various diseases. Some of them cause great harm to the body and neuropathy is not an exception. Infections like HIV that eats up the immune system expose the nerves to great dangers. There are also other tissue diseases that directly affect the nerves and cause damage directly.


It will be unfair to conclude on the causes of nerve problems, without mentioning body injuries as one of the causes. Having an accident is not only painful but may leave most of your nerves affected. It is important to avoid any form of injury on your body by all means. People who expose themselves to injuries risk having their nerves affected or damaged.

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