7 Tips On How To Get Better Sleep

Do you experience problems falling or trying to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night or before your alarm sounds? It is necessary that you understand the causes of your sleepless nights and stick to tips on how to get better sleep. A good mattress and pillow are paramount to getting better sleep. Likewise, the tips below can help one in getting better sleep.

Getting Better Sleep

Set your bedtime

Some people sleep past midnight while others sleep immediately they retire to bed.You should have a particular time to rest. This will benefit you because your body will be anticipating to sleep and respond to the routine.

Avoid eating before bedtime

Ensure that you take dinner two or three hours before you retire to bed so that your body gets the chance to digest the food. Digestion is like physical activity which will interfere with your sleep.

Keep off electronics before bedtime

Switch off the television, laptop, tablet smartphone, and other devices before you retire to bed. According to recent research, all the devices mentioned earlier have the ability to affect your sleep negatively. The key reason is that they emit blue light which is interpreted by the brain as daytime light. It reduces the production of a hormone known as melatonin that supports cardiac rhythm and should begin increasing when you are almost sleeping. So you should be aware that when using your phone or tablet at night, your brain thinks that it’s daytime. This makes it difficult for you to obtain a good nights sleep.

Switch off your devices at night

Apart from emitting blue light, sending messages on social media platforms or sending emails at night before bedtime might get you stressed out or make your mind race. According to research, almost two-thirds of those who sleep with their smartphones next to them at night put it on silent mode to get sufficient sleep. If you have important calls that you can’t afford to miss, then you can set your phone only to accept calls from certain contacts. Everything else can wait till you rise.

Relax before sleeping

A tiny fraction of the population fall asleep immediately they retire to bed. You need to come up with a relaxing routine like reading or meditating to prepare your body to sleep. Additionally, you can try taking a warm bath, listen to some relaxing music or yoga to relax your body before you sleep.

Sleep in a dark room

Are there many lights glowing in your room after switching off the lamps and overhead lights? The darker your bedroom, the more restorative your sleep will be as the darkness increases the production of a hormone named melatonin. Cover up those lights to make your room as dark as possible.


Wear a sleeping mask

If your room is bright, you can try putting on a sleeping mask to create the total darkness required by the body to increase the production of melatonin and improve the quality of your sleep. Use a soft sleeping mask that is made using fibers as they will help you relax and feel more energetic when you wake up which is a beautiful thing.…