Effects of Drug Abuse in Employment

Drug abuse is a global problem. Recent studies confirm that the number of people using drugs is on the rise despite numerous awareness programs against this social ill. The productivity or efficiency of an employee abusing drugs is bound to be affected in many ways. Some of the ways in which substance abuse affects employment have been addressed below.

Effects of substance abuse in employment

Decreased productivityweafwaesfWAEaef

With drug abuse, productivity reduces significantly. Impaired mental and physical functions will result in slow work, at times even no work due to absenteeism. The overall productivity of the company goes down, meaning that profits are affected negatively. There is also a possibility of making irrational decisions that are influenced by the drugs, which might potentially lead to the downfall of the company.

Poor work relationships

Operating under the influence of drugs is going to affect the way you relate to your colleagues or clients. There is a high chance that substance addicts will mess up the relationships between their co-workers and the clientele. This is more serious for those who deal directly with clients, as the clients are the main reason the business exists. Losing customers to competitors translates to loss of income.

Missed job opportunities

A majority of companies steer away from presenting jobs to individuals who abuse drugs. They carry out tests on individuals before employment to find out if the individuals have been using drugs recently. Failing the test means not getting the job.

Drug Test

waesdfsdvfwaefThe most common test conducted is urine drug test, which determines any recent use of a drug. Ideally, as much as urine test is always used, it is not a fair way of judging. This is because it detects even trace amounts from non-job related events that may not be having any effects on your productivity at work, and should therefore not deny you the job opportunity. It also does not differentiate between substance abuse and real medical use of the drugs.

To avoid biased opinion on drug abuse, it is important to find a way of passing the urine test. One of the easiest ways of doing so is usually by using some fake urine, in place of your real urine using a device like a whizzinator. You only need to present the synthetic urine as the sample and that’s it. You will be guaranteed of passing the drug test. You should however, not take advantage of this loophole to abuse drugs.

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