Gaining Muscle with a Strong Diet

gain-muscleThere are many factors to gaining weight, especially muscle mass.

Working out is important, but an even stronger factor is diet including nutrition and hgh supplements. To gain weight you need to take in more calories than you burn.

It is important to note that calories from different foods vary in how they affect your body. Fast food and processed/junk food is not ideal for muscle gain. These foods are much more likely to contribute to an increase in body fat. Nutrient-rich foods are a much better option for a serious muscle gain plan.

An easy calculation for gaining muscle is to multiply your body weight by 15 or 20. This is how many calories you should be taking in daily. Be sure to get not only healthy, whole foods, but a proper ratio of them. It should be a little more than one-third protein, and a little less than one-third each of fats carbohydrates. These numbers are general and can be tweaked depending on your body and workout style.

In the past, hardcore bodybuilders opted for lots of carbohydrates and very few fats in their diets. We have since learned that this contributes more to increase in fat than muscle. The takeaway from this is that the diet should be balanced and include lots of protein. Protein gives your muscles the required amino acids which they need during the repair process. Carbohydrates, especially non-whole grains, give energy to the body but can easily be overeaten.


Professional bodybuilders are known to decrease their water intake before going on-stage because it highlights the “cut” of their muscles. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, remember that it is not conducive to real gains in muscle mass. Water helps keep your body lubricated and regulated, which is especially important during and after a strenuous workout. Once you feel thirsty your body is dehydrated already.

A simple calculation for water intake is to multiply your weight by two-thirds – this gives the daily water requirement in ounces. To clarify: we mean strictly water, not including sweet drinks like juice or soda. Keeping water in your body at the appropriate level can assist in toxin removal and proper blood flow. Working out muscles breaks them down and creates waste which needs water to be flushed out via the kidneys.

Working out for muscle gain is a familiar component. The other component which is just as important is proper diet, nutrition, supplement and water intake. Be sure to stay healthy as you build mass.

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