Herbs and Foods That Can Increase Breast Size Naturally

natural-ways-to-enhance-breast-size-fastIf you are one of the many women out there that don’t have the breasts they want then this article is for you. Don’t fall for the hype and think that your only choice to get the boobs you want is to undergo surgery.

Before you turn to breast implants it’s a good idea to take a more natural approach first, as natural alternatives are less risky, expensive, and won’t leave behind any scars like surgical procedures will. If you are trying to learn how to increase breast size then you have to learn more about herbs.


Certain herbs have been known to make boobs bigger because they contain phyto-estrogens. For those of you that don’t know phyto-estrogen is a plant based estrogen, which mimics the estrogen that females naturally have inside their body. Estrogen is one of the primary female hormones responsible for breast growth. Most females that don’t have large breasts are most likely suffering from a deficiency in estrogen levels. Most women have a spike in estrogen activity when they go through puberty.

This is why you see girls as young as 16 beginning to develop breasts and womanly curves. The phyto-estrogens that some herbs contain can help stimulate the estrogen activity in a woman so that her breasts can begin growing. Once you eat a phyto-estrogen rich food daily it will feed the cell receptors that absorbs estrogen and produce bigger boobs.

One of the best herbs to use as a natural breast enlargement option is pueraria mirifica. This is a herb that commonly grows in areas like Thailand, and it contains a very high amount of phyto-estrogens. Isoflavones is the name of phyto-estrogen substance that helps some women achieve a bigger breast size within a month or two of daily supplementation. Pueraria will also help lift your breasts up so they look more perky. There are other benefits associated with taking this herb daily such as better looking skin, better looking hair, balancing out all your hormones, and reducing symptoms of menopause.


There are a number of different exercises out there you can use to help increase your breast size. One of the most effective and popular ones is known as the palm push. You will first need to lift your hands up to your chest level and push your palms together. The idea is to push and release the pressure between your palms and it should help increasse the size of the pectoral muscles in your chest. Your pectoral muscles are what will help make your breasts look fuller and firmer.

Pushups can also help a whole lot when it comes to building up the muscles in your chest so that your breasts look perkier. Pushups are one of the simplest exercises you can perform. All you have to do is place your hands on the floor and then raise your body off the ground. If you can’t do it without keeping your knees on the ground then don’t worry about.

These are some of the most effective ways to get bigger breasts without undergoing surgical procedures.  Make sure you stay consistent with whichever method you choose to go with.

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