How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist

Choosing a physiotherapist is not hard; after all, there are thousands of them practicing in a given region. However, choosing the right one in Auckland can be a little bit tricky. Physiotherapy has many different areas of specialization, each governed by a strict code of service.

Also, you want someone that you can trust, a good listener who will take the time to understand your problem as well as your goals. So identifying the right physiotherapist is much more than simply picking up a phone directory. If you’ve had a car accident, choose a specialist who has experience in working with similar patients.

Fortunately, most therapists are honest and competent. But you can still do more to make sure your physio fits your requirements.

choosing the right physiotherapist


A physiotherapist must have successfully completed a relevant degree from a recognized university. This education ensures that he or she is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to carryfjdgfsjgfgsjf out the necessary duties.

Postgraduate qualifications show an extra drive and commitment by that physiotherapist to hone their skills by developing themselves further in their area of expertise. Usually, Physiotherapists specialize in one or more areas such as sports injuries, arthritis, and back pain among others. Reading their biographies on their websites should help in this regard.


Is the physiotherapist registered with the relevant body? Unfortunately, the internet has made it easier for rogue “specialists” to operate. They are usually more than willing to visit you at home for some sessions at a significant bargain, so beware.

Physiotherapy is highly complex, and if not done well, you could end up worse than before. If you want to bypass the “cowboys”, ensure that you only visit a physiotherapist who is licensed.


You will feel more comfortable and assured if you are being treated by an experienced physical therapist. In fact, all professions are inclined towards hiring professions with adequate experience, and you should to the same when choosing the right physiotherapist to attend to you.

While sufficient experience does not necessarily mean that someone is an expert, it is always a safer jfhjdfgjhdfbet than going for a novice. Expert status is demonstrated in patient outcomes, diagnostic skills and clinical ability. For example, experience in treating many accident complications is always advantageous to future accident victims.

Last but not least, a physio with good interpersonal skills is easier to trust. It is easier to feel comfortable around them because you are encouraged to ask questions and voice your fears. A good physiotherapist should clearly explain the diagnosis, treatment as well as the expected outcomes. Now you should be more knowledgeable on how to choose the right physiotherapist.

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