The Three Types of Dental Cosmetics

The lifestyle that people live today contributes to teeth colorization. Coupled with some foodstuff, we consume most families find themselves in dental problems. It implies that most households are in dire need of dental treatment as well as dental enhancement. For this reason, dentists have established some dental improvement mechanisms to help. They include dental veneers, Invisalign, and ZOOM whitening among others.

You can choose one today depending on the condition of your teeth. Alternatively, you are free to consult the expert on the best dental cosmetic for your situation. MyDental Group is one of the best places that you can consider to have your dental cosmetics.These three dental cosmetics entail the following:

Dental cosmetics

Dental Veneers

jhjhjhjhbDental veneers are wafer-thin shells custom-made, delicately crafted, and bonded to your teeth’s biting surface. It is a category of dental restoration designed to look like the natural structure of your tooth. They also blend perfectly with your immediate dentition. Veneers can offer and efficient solution to enhance the appearance of one’s teeth. They can also create a beautiful smile on your face, as you have always wanted.

It is one way of restoring your confidence and self-esteem when you are among friends and in public. The typical application of these wafer-thin shells includes correction of misaligned and small gaps on the teeth. You can also use them to fix worn down and irregularly shaped teeth. If you have chipped, stained, broken, or discolored tooth, you can use veneers to cover your tooth. It offers a more aesthetic alternative to dental cosmetic compared to crowns.


The other dental cosmetic is the Invisalign. It is a dental treatment consisting of virtually invisible but removable aligners. You can change these aligners after every two weeks and replace them with a new set. Every set of aligners is customized to suit your teeth individually and no other person’s teeth. It means that before production, the dentist must examine you to identify the right aligner for your teeth. Every time you replace the aligners, they move your teeth little by little. The trend will continue week by week until such a time when all your teeth shall straighten. The straightening of the teeth should be to the final position recommended by the dentist. It is another best alternative to braces.

ZOOM whitening

kjjjmmmkkZOOM whitening is the third best choice of dental enhancement. The dentists clinically prescribe it to whiten teeth to a maximum of eight shades. The doctors have also proven it safe and without any harm to your enamel. Moreover, it does not thin the enamel but helps in reducing sensitivity people often feel with chair teeth whitening. Its procedure involves usage of the whitening gel known as hydrogen peroxide.

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